11 Oct

Jobs Vacancy in Deloitte 台北市

台北市 TPE
11 Oct, 2018 30+ days ago

Deloitte 台北市 urgently required following position for . Please read this job advertisement carefully before apply. There are some qualifications, experience and skills requirement that the employers require. Does your career history fit these requirements? Ensure you understand the role you are applying for and that it is suited to your skills and qualifications.

Follow the online directions, complete all the necessary fields, and provide all relevant information so your application is submitted correctly. When you click the 'Apply this Job' button (open in new window) you will be taken to the online application form. Here you will be asked to provide personal and contact details, respond to employment-related questions, and show how you meet the key selection criteria.

Jobs Vacancy in Deloitte 台北市 Jobs Details:

  • What impact will you make?每天,你都在一個包容、合作且追求卓越的文化中,發揮影響力。身為專業服務領域內的領導者,勤業眾信聯合會計師事務所提供你一個充滿成功機會且實現你潛力的工作環境。 • The team你對此應徵職務有什麼具體想法?你應徵的職務,提供客戶卓越的服務,加入勤業眾信的專業團隊,你將與優秀的同事合作,一同組織完美團隊。 • Work you’ll do 身為勤業眾信的一份子,透過提供客戶專業的服務,你將和團隊與客戶培養正向的工作關係。同時,透過以下職能,你將在工作中展現專業 : Develops knowledge of current legislation across the Global Tax and Legal functionRecognizes the key capabilities required to deliver a high quality service experience to the clientCollects, assimilates, and analyzes data and uses standard processes and tools to help surface and support solutions in the Tax and Legal businessApplies technology knowledge to address client business challengesConducts research on tax regimes in local and other tax jurisdictions in which clients operateResearches and prepares draft client reports under the guidance of senior staff and project managementPrepares tax provisions using technical skills to accurately complete calculations and follow Firm policies and proceduresResearches tax authority audit/appeals process and prepares draft reports to be presented before the tax authorities in tax audits/administrative appeals此職缺之業務內容包括: 1.財務會計處理編製財務報表辦理財務出納事項公司會計帳務重整及輔導2.提供人力資源委外相關服務薪資計算及編製薪資報表辦理薪資所得扣繳及申報勞保、健保及退休金法規遵循3.營利事業所得稅及相關稅務申報營業稅申報、各類所得稅扣繳申報營利事業所得稅結算申報營利事業所得稅決算、清算申報營業稅留抵稅額退稅申請 • Your role as a leader在勤業眾信,我們相信各職級的同仁都能發揮領導力,我們期待我們的人才透過挑戰自我來擁抱並實踐我們的理念——對客戶、同仁及社會發揮自身影響力,除了實踐事務所的理念,你應徵的職務同時需具備下列職能 : Builds own understanding of our purpose and values; explores opportunities for impactDemonstrates strong commitment to personal learning and development; acts as a brand ambassador to help attract top talentUnderstands expectations and demonstrates personal accountability for keeping performance on trackActively focuses on developing effective communication and relationship-building skillsUnderstands how their daily work contributes to the priorities of the team and the businessQualifications Required: 熟悉會計及稅務申報、記帳士考試及格尤佳無經驗可,有相關工作經驗者尤佳 • How you’ll grow勤業眾信提供完善的訓練計畫,從入職到晉升為管理職,我們相信在不同階段,同仁們都應接受完整的訓練,除了在職訓練我們亦提供優質的線上課程,培養各職級人才的專業知識,同時協助同仁發揮自身長處,在工作上有最好的發揮。 • Benefits勤業眾信深知,唯有優秀的人才能組成優秀的組織,因此,我們重視我們的人才,並提供員工廣泛的福利。 • Our purpose勤業眾信很重要的價值 : to make an impact that matters. 每天,我們的人才都在生活與工作中發揮影響力。我們引以為豪的不僅是提供客戶優質的服務,更是落實企業社會責任,對社會發揮正向影響力。 • Recruiter tips我們希望求職者了解勤業眾信提供的機會,充分準備並懷抱信心。我們建議你在面試前,先了解勤業眾信的組織文化與企業理念,並認識未來欲服務領域的專業知識。請填妥勤業眾信之工作申請表(附上二吋照片一張)、詳細自傳履歷、畢業證書及成績單影本,逕寄:11073 台北市信義區松仁路100號20樓 勤業眾信會計師事務所 人才資本組收(請註明應徵職稱及工作地點)招募專線:+886 (2) 2725 9988 ext.6666聯絡E-Mail:hrtaiwan@deloitte. com.tw >事務所網站:http://www.deloitte.com.tw勤業眾信(Deloitte & Touche)係指Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited(“DTTL”)之會員,其成員包括勤業眾信聯合會計師事務所、勤業眾信管理顧問股份有限公司、勤業眾信財稅顧問股份有限公司、勤業眾信風險管理諮詢股份有限公司、德勤財務顧問股份有限公司、德勤不動產顧問股份有限公司、及德勤商務法律事務所。 勤業眾信(Deloitte & Touche)係指德勤有限公司(Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited)之會員,其成員包括勤業眾信聯合會計師事務所、勤業眾信管理顧問股份有限公司、勤業眾信財稅顧問股份有限公司、勤業眾信風險管理諮詢股份有限公司、德勤財務顧問股份有限公司、德勤不動產顧問股份有限公司、及德勤商務法律事務所。 Requisition code: TA007

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